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Sheet 2: B-J-02

Shielding Material for Connectors Series RC-...
With shielding discs
Here you can determine the last two digits of the Connector Part Number
for shielded Connectors Series RC-....
RC- 1 2 S 1 N 1 2 8 0 E J (Example)
D = Seal ring I.D.
d = shielding
disc I.D.
D1 = Cable O.D.
Choose the seal ring
I.D. from cable dia.
plus 2 mm.
The shielding disc has to fit slightly around the inner wire bundle with or w/o insulation material.
Please push the shielding disc over the wire bundle and stop when you reach the shield wires; cut them around the disc.
shielding Seal ring I.D (in mm) - last two digits of the Connector P/N Universal ring 3-10.5 mm
disc I.D. 4 5 6 7.5 8.5 10 11 NBR FPM
5.5 mm EF EG EH GW EK LC
6.7 mm E2 EJ R9 N9 EL LD
7.7 mm A5 B7 P9 EM LE
8.8 mm DM EN LF
9.5 mm C6 EP LG
10.0 mm FA EQ LH
Part Numbers for spare shielding material see page B-H-08…