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Sheet 10: C-F-64

Non-shielded Cable Connectors M23 Series RC
fits all RC/UC Connectors with female coupling nut
Shell style 7W angled
open endbell w/o cable gland double lever IP 68 cable gland
Caps and accessories: pages B-H-01… We also deliver as a connector set.
Mounting tools: pages B-E-01… Connector with crimp insert - and
Assembly instructions: page B-D-05 the contacts are
Crimp tools for contacts: pages B-B-01… separate included.
Crimp contacts: pages B-C-01… Please ask for P/N
Derating curves: page B-F-01
Part Number RC- x x x x x x x 7 W x x
with black O-ring RC- Here please fill in the first 7 digits
with red O-ring RCRD- of your desired connector insert
with yellow O-ring RCYE- (6-19 positions) from
with green O-ring RCGN- the page B-A-01
with blue O-ring RCBL- to page B-A-29
f.e. RC-xxxxxxx7WP3
open endbell endbell with endbell with endbell with
without cable gland double lever cable gland standard fitting IP 68 cable gland
07 PG 07 threaded endbell only 0A PG 07 4-6 mm Ø S1 PG 07 P1 PG 07
00 PG 09 threaded endbell only 0B PG 09 6-10 mm Ø 4 -6 mm Ø 3 -7mm Ø
11 PG 11 threaded endbell only 0C PG 11 8-12 mm Ø P2 PG 09
13 PG 13.5 threaded endbell only 0D PG 13.5 10-14 mm Ø S2 PG 09 5 -9mm Ø
6 -10 mm Ø P3 PG 11
0E PG 16 11-15 mm Ø 6 -10mm Ø
with adaptor S3 PG 11 P4 PG 13.5
8 -12 mm Ø 8 -13mm Ø
0F M25 11-18 mm Ø P5 PG 16 (adaptor)
with adaptor' S4 PG 13.5 8 -14mm Ø
10 -14 mm Ø P6 M25 (adaptor)
f.e. RC-xxxxxxx7W0C 11 -18mm Ø