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Sheet 4: C-K-04

Shielded Power Connectors M23 Series SF
fits all SF/SC/SSP Connectors with male thread
Shell style 80, 8L, R4
style 8LDL long
style 80DU short
all with integrated strain relief
Caps and accessories: pages B-H-01… We also deliver as a connector set.
Mounting tools: pages B-E-01… Connector with crimp insert - and
Assembly instructions: page B-D-18 - B-D-19 the contacts are separate included.
Crimp tools for contacts: pages B-B-03… Please ask for P/N
Crimp contacts: pages B-C-40…
Derating curves: page B-F-02
Part Number SF- x x x x x x x x x x x
8 0 D U S short version
cable entry 7.5-14 mm
Please fill in the part number of 8 0 D U short version
your desired connector insert cable entry 7.5-14 mm
8 L D L long version
6 position female (5+E) 5 E S 1 N 8 A cable entry 7.5-18 mm
crimp insert w/o contacts R 4 D U long version
endbell open
8 position female (4+3+E) 7 E S 1 N 8 A with thread M20x1.5
crimp insert w/o contacts R 4 2 0 long version
endbell M20x1.5
with IP 68 cable gland
cable Ø 9-14 mm
R 4 2 5 long version
endbell M25x1.5
with IP 68 cable gland
f.e. SF-xxxxxxxR4DU f.e.SF-xxxxxxxR425 cable Ø 13-19 mm
(with adaptor)