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Sheet 1: C-M-01

Shielded Power Connectors M23 Series SI (Reverse)
Technical Data
Shell material
Machined components: Copper-Zinc alloy (CuZn)
die cast components: Zinc (GD-Zn)
Shell plating: Nickel (Ni) plated
Cable entry: max. 18 mm
Insulator All connectors with different
Connector inserts: Polyamide (PA66) UL 94 V0 shielding material for different
jacket and shield diameters.
Contact material: Copper-Zinc alloy (CuZn)
Contact plating: Nickel (Ni) with gold (Au) passivated
Contact termination: crimp type
Sealing rings: Fluor rubber FPM
Gaskets: Perbunan NBR
Temperature (long term) Celsius: - 40 °C up to + 125°C
Temperature (long term) Fahrenheit: - 40 °F up to + 257 °F
Mating cycles: Standard min. 50
Female coupling nuts: M23 screw locking
Male receptacles: M23 screw locking
Protection class : IP 67 (mated) depends on which cable gland is used
Number of positions 6
Number of contacts 5 + PE
Contact dia. (mm Ø) 2
Rated current at 25° (A) 26
Rated voltage (V) 600
Test voltage (V) 4,000
Surge voltage category ||
Insulation resistance (Ω) ≥1013
Contact resistance (mΩ) ≤3