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Sheet 10: E-Q-12

M16 (IP67) connectors series GBC
Panel connectors male (Mating connectors see pages E-Q-08-09)
Figure Dimensions Description Pos. Part Number Part Number
Panel connector male silver plated contacts gold plated contacts
rear mount with ring nut 2 GBCK9-KAK3-I002 GBCK9-KAK3-I002G
from the front 3 DIN GBCK9-KAK7-I003 GBCK9-KAK7-I003G
dip solder termination 4 GBCK9-KAA1-I004 GBCK9-KAA1-I004G
2-8 pos. AWG 18 5 GBCK9-KAA5-I005 GBCK9-KAA5-I005G
12-19 pos. AWG 24 5 ST GBCK9-KAA9-I005 GBCK9-KAA9-I005G
24 pos. AWG 26 6 DIN GBCK9-KAB3-I006 GBCK9-KAB3-I006G
M16 locking system 7 GBCK9-KAB7-I007 GBCK9-KAB7-I007G
12 GBCK9-KAC1-I012G
14 GBCK9-KDE3-I014G
19 GBCK9-KDF3-I019G
24 GBCK9-KDI7-I024G
Panel connector male with attached
flexible PCB, rear mount with ring nut
from the front
M 16 locking system
7 male GBCK9-KAB7-F507
8 male GBCK9-KAG3-F508
Technical Data Pages E-Q-01-03
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