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Sheet 8: G-G-20

For Interbus-S®,CAN,Profibus,SINECL2® Superflex shielded halogen-free
Applications: 2 pairs Schleppflex SF/UTP
Fieldbus Systems 24AWG (Stranding 19 wires with 0.14 mm Ø)
Power supply chains Part Numbers O.D. inches O.D. mm
Handling equipments 471-2402-45310 0.25 6.2
Harsh environment
4 pairs Schleppflex SF/UTP
Specifications: 24AWG (Stranding 19 wires with 0.14 mm Ø)
acc. to EN 50173 Part Numbers O.D. inches O.D. mm
Construction: 471-2404-45310 0.32 8.0
19 fine bare copper wires with PP 4 pairs Schleppflex Patch cable SF/UTP
insulation. 26AWG (Stranding 19 wires with 0.10 mm Ø)
Color code: Part Numbers O.D. inches O.D. mm
2 pairs: whiteblue/blue and whiteorange/orange 471-2604-45310 0.27 6.9
4 pairs: whiteblue/blue and whiteorange/orange
whitegreen/green and whitebrown/brown
Cores twisted in pairs or quads and pairs
laid in layers, aluminum foil shield and
overall tinned copper screen.
PUR jacket green
Transmission rate:
up to CAT5/100 Mhz
100 Ohm +/- 15 Ohm
Technical Data:
Rated voltage:
150 Volt, nor for power applications
Test voltage:
core/core 500 Volt, core/shield 800 Volt
Bending radius:
fixed: 5 x diameter
flexible app.: 10 x diameter
Loop resistance:
AWG 24: max. 200 Ohm/km
AWG 26: max. 250 Ohm/km
Temperature range:
fixed: -22°F to 158°F
flex.: 23°F to 122°F