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L-C-01 L-C-03 L-C-05 L-C-07

Sheet 1: L-C-01

Custom Assemblies
Cable Connectors
male and female front mount and rear mount
Special Connectors Power Connectors
and varieties Stainless Steel Connectors

Sheet 2: L-C-03

Special Connector Parts
Angled Adaptors Stand Offs
for M27-Panel-Connectors for M23 Panel Connectors
Special Flanges Coupling Nuts
for M23 and M40 Connectors without grooves

Sheet 3: L-C-05

Molding Parts
Molding Parts Molding Parts
for M23 cable with male thread for M27 cable with male thread
Molding Parts Molding Parts
for M23 cable with coupling nut for M27 cable with coupling nut

Sheet 4: L-C-07

Color Coded Connectors
Flange Connectors Flange Connectors
front mount rear mount
Cable Connectors
with colored coupling nuts