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We specialize in manufacturing industrial circular connectors for many types of electrical control and distribution systems. Applications include, but are not limited to, connectors for signal, sensor, power, and PCB interfaces, as well as controllers, encoders, and connector interfaces for robotics, feeder/delivery and assembly systems, including complete cable assemblies for any of the above systems. Custom configurations and prototyping are also possible.

Infrared Radiometer for Millimetre Astronomy

Infrared Radiometer for Millimetre Astronomy (IRMA) Project

Here our connectors and cables are mounted on a telescope in Hawaii for the IRMA research project.

Gemini South telescope in Chile

Gemini South telescope in Chile

This is the Gemini South telescope in Chile. It is one of the world's largest and most powerful optical telescopes, situated on a mountain about 250 miles north of Santiago. All the cabling that brings power and ethernet to the unit from the telescope is from rde Connectors & Cables.

MR121 ZapFREE™ Encoder Cables

MR121 ZapFREE™ Encoder Cables

Micronor's New MR121 ZapFREE™ Encoder Cables use connectors from rde Connectors & Cables. The cables are guaranteed to solve nagging ground loop and interference problems in motion control systems.

Micronor’s proprietary ZapFREE™ technology employs the use of fiber optic technology within the cable assembly, but in a manner completely transparent to the user. The MR121 product looks and functions like a standard electrical encoder cable. The equipment operator simply disconnects the existing controller-to-sensor connections and replaces them with corresponding MR121 Encoder Cables. No engineering redesign is required or needed.

Micronor is a leading supplier of reliable and rugged components for industrial automation and process control industries as well as military, aerospace and other harsh environment applications. Motion control products include encoders, resolvers, cam timers, programmable limit switches, motorized potentiometers, pulse generators and ergonomic pendant stations.

iLift from Stanley Assembly Technologies

iLift is an Intelligent Assist Device from Stanley Assembly Technologies. It is the industry's most advanced lifting and balancing system, offering highly intuitive lift assistance with a patented float mode. The iLift interfaces with interlocks and actuators on end effectors, and allows individualized responsiveness profiles.

As you can see on the pictures to your left, the iLift uses connectors from rde Connectors & Cables (see red arrows).

Servo Modules by ATI Industrial Automation

This is a servo module from ATI Industrial Automation, a world leader in robotic tool changers. The module is used for an industrial servo motor. The connectors utilized on this application allow the customer to use his existing cables between the servo motor controller and the motor itself.

The second picture shows the same module opened up, revealing the mating surfaces and pin blocks.

ATI Industrial Automation is a leading engineering-based world developer of robotic end effectors, including Automatic Tool Changers, Multi-axis Force/Torque Sensing Systems, Robotic Deburring Tools, Robotic Collision Sensor Devices and Compliance Devices. Their products are found in thousands of successful applications around the world.

Baldor Brushless Servo Motors

These brushless servo motors are from Baldor Electric Company. At the top, you can easily see the nickel-plated brass connectors from rde.

Baldor also sells its servo motors in stainless steel. The second picture depicts such a stainless steel version, including a standard M23 connector, likewise in stainless steel.

Baldor markets, designs, and manufactures industrial electric motors, drives, and generators.

Wandfluh Hydraulic Valves

Wandfluh Hydraulic Valves

Our connectors are also being used in Hydraulic Valves made by Wandfluh Hydraulics + Electronics. With the development of the "Digital Smart Valves," WANDFLUH has expanded its product range by a technology module and, as of now, is offering "DSV" proportional valves with these features.

With the new WANDFLUH "DSV" valves, the user no longer has to concern himself with detailed questions regarding the components. The objective is to make the handling simpler and easier for the user and to keep the interfaces simple.